General Questions

What is Billicon Valley?

Billicon Valley is an evening of networking, workshops and free food. It is the SLU Entrepreneurs’ Club’s flagship event that serves to introduce high school and college students to entrepreneurship at SLU and in St. Louis by engaging them with the brightest entrepreneurial minds in the city. Our mission is to inspire them to become entrepreneurs in each of their respective fields and change the world.


How is it setup?

Billicon Valley has three main areas. The first is set up in a fair-like manner with tables outlining the atrium of the business school. Students have the ability to network with the companies and organizations at each of the tables. The area inside of these tables is set up to be a networking space, where additional tables, seating, and open space allow students to talk with esteemed guests and each other. Lastly, Billicon Valley hosts breakout sessions on various topics in nearby classrooms.


Who is it for?

Community members, undergraduate, graduate, and high school students with interests ranging from business to science, social justice to public health, and everything else in between are invited to attend. Some may consider themselves entrepreneurs, and others might still just be learning about the field. Billicon Valley is also for members of the St. Louis startup community interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and engaging with the next generation of entrepreneurs.


When is it?

There are four Billicon Valley events held throughout the school year, two in each semester, each of which is held on a Thursday night from 5:00-7:00pm. The four Billicon Valleys for the 2016-2017 academic year are: 9/29/16, 11/17/16, 2/23/17, and 4/27/17.

Where is it?

The event is in the atrium of the John Cook School of Business (3674 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63108).


Where do I park?

Free parking is available in the Laclede Garage (3642 Laclede Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63103).


What is the attire?

There is no set attire, though business casual is encouraged. Feel free to wear what you wear to your profession.


Content Questions

There are four primary components of Billicon Valley: tables, esteemed guests, workshops, and free food.



Why do we have tables at Billicon Valley?

At each of our 20+ tables at Billicon Valley is a either a member of SLU’s entrepreneurial community (medical accelerator, business accelerator, food innovation program, etc.), a local startup (tech, apparel, beverages, etc.), or an organization that is either innovative or supports innovation (law firms, accounting firms, community resource, etc.).


What does having a table at Billcon Valley entail?

Tables are present for students and community attendees to engage with to learn about the company or organization, its founder’s journey, and how they might be able to get involved.


What should I bring if I have a table at Billicon Valley?

You will have a six foot table in the atrium identified by a tent card with your company name on it. Blue tablecloths will be provided, but feel free to bring a company-specific tablecloth if you have one. Please bring signage, marketing and promotional materials, and anything else you would like to represent your company at your table. Please keep all displays and promotional materials contained within your six foot area, though. Finally, if you have a specific company problem, new product, or anything else that you would like student input on, please come prepared with that question to ask the attendees.


When should I arrive if I have a table at Billicon Valley?

No later than 4:30pm.


Esteemed Guests

What is an esteemed guest?

Esteemed guests are local CEOs, business owners, and founders who would traditionally be asked to be a presenter at a speaking event but instead have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with students to share their insights and experiences from their entrepreneurial journey.


What does being an esteemed guest entail?

Esteemed guests simply wear a VIP name tag and walk the room ready to network with attendees.


What should an esteemed guest bring?

Your winning personality and your own personal elevator pitch!


When should an esteemed guest arrive?

No later than 4:30pm.



What is a workshop?

A workshop is a 30-60 minute breakout session that can cover anything from an informational or registration session for a local hackathon or recruiting for team members in our medical device accelerator.


What does having a workshop entail?

Companies or organizations that desire to host a breakout session should prepare a 30-60 minute presentation/agenda for the students and attendees who choose to participate.



Is there free food?

Yes, there is! Oftentimes, there’s even multiple types of free food! Past free food has included Pi Pizza, Seoul Taco, and Sugarfire Smokehouse


How do I get that free food?

Every attendee receives a program of the evening’s events with a “passport” - a list of tasks or objectives - to be completed to earn food. Passport items include networking with our esteemed guests, attending a workshop, and visiting our SLU Entrepreneurs’ Club table. Guests of the event (esteemed guests, workshop presenters, and table presenters) get free food for coming!